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Request Resources

Request Resources


The Ontario Poison Centre (OPC) publishes and sends out materials to its community partners to raise awareness of poison centre services and to educate the public regarding poison prevention. If you are interested in obtaining poison prevention materials, please email us at poison.information@sickkids.ca. Members of the community are also welcome to print these resources themselves. However, as these documents are property of OPC, they are not to be altered or customized in any way.

Resources available include:

Poison Prevention Information

First Aid: English, French

Over the Counter Medication Safety: English, French

Plant Safety: English, French

Poison Proof Your Home: English, French

Opioid Resuscitation Recommendations (For Hospital and Pre-hospital care): English

Opioid Resuscitation Recommendations (For General Public): English

Posters and Infographics

Pills or Candy Poster: English, French

Adult Poisonings: English, French

Childhood Poisonings: English, French

Top Poison Substances - Children under six years: English, French

Did you know? - Facts about OPC: English, French