POISON ALERT: OPC warns of possible contaminants in street drug supply

New Opioid Management Guidelines

In the past few years, opioid use and abuse has emerged as an important public health crisis in Ontario. Deaths from opioid overdoses are escalating dramatically. Opioid drugs are available by prescription and can also be found as drugs of abuse on the street. Many new highly potent opioids, including fentanyl and its analogues, are available on the streets either as substitutes for other drugs or found as contaminants in these drugs. In response to this crisis, the OPC has examined current evidence to create some online resources to help guide health care professionals, as well as lay-rescuers in the care of the opioid overdose patient.

For more background information on the opioid crisis visit our new page in the Health-care Professionals section. 
For a printout of our Opioid Management guidelines visit our Request Resources page