Hazard Symbols

Many household products have symbols on their labels. These symbols will tell you if the product is harmful. These products can be found in your house, garage, backyard, or at school. If you see one of these symbols on a product label, be very careful with the product. Make sure it is used properly and stored safely.


Poison symbol

The skull and crossbones symbol means the product is poisonous. Licking, eating, drinking, or smelling a substance marked with this symbol can make you very sick or even cause death.


Corrosive symbol

The bony hand symbol means the product is corrosive. Corrosive products will burn your skin or eyes if touched, or your throat and stomach if swallowed.


flammable symbol

The flame symbol means the product may catch fire.  Flammable products or their fumes may catch fire easily if near heat, flames or sparks.


explosive symbol

This symbol means the container is explosive! The container is under pressure and can explode if it is heated or broken.